M1 ST 1950

Long sock in polyprolylene PROLEN® for tourist use COMPRESSIVE-ANTISTRESS / Reinforcement protection on the toe, heel, ankle and plant



The garment main feature compression The principle is very simple: The special fabric compresses the muscle fiber in a variable way of promoting the circulation of blood and thus tissue oxygenation . Basically it is like having your muscles constantly massaged ( with the proper proportions , of course) . Furthermore , the compression clothing has a considerable structural support function : improves the posture and makes it easier and less tiring .


" Those who want comfort , wants Prolen® . For sport , for the life of every day or just for a quiet rest, Prolen® ensures a new dimension of comfort and freedom of movement. Prolen® is the lightest fiber with a specific gravity less than that of water , 50 % less than that of cotton. the fabrics made ​​with Prolen® float perfettamente.Mantenere the ideal temperature in every circumstance is the key to comfort . Climbing the Himalayas , across the ocean on a sailboat or jogging in a park , the leaders in Prolen® have the character to maintain the ideal temperature on the skin . Prolen® has the lowest conductivity of all fibers and ensures a thermal comfort in all weather conditions thanks to its starordinario insulating power . "

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