M1 GT 817

Touring glove made in leather / PU protection on knuckles and fingers / Fourchetters in stretch lycraShock absorbing protections with micro pierced leather / Shock absorbing protections with Keprotec / Palm part in amara with silicon printing for better grip / Neoprene cuff - /  Pre- curved fingers

Available sizes: 
Genuine leather

The leather has characteristics of resistance and especially very high level of hygiene which make it particularly suitable for the production of many products in common use and sportswear such as from Motorcycling Gloves. It is known, for example, that the leather footwear favoring transpiration and thus prevent the development of bacteria, mold and other pathologies of the skin and of the foot produced by the stagnation of humidity inside the shoe. Similarly to the gloves being even more in contact with the skin "with shoes we mostu use sock" the use of leather is very suitable for Riding gloves. It is said, in fact, that the skin "breathes" as it leaves from the cross of water vapor emanating from the human body.

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