M1 UW 2216

Long-sleeve technical underwear zip collar neck seamless / Made of 88% POLYPROPYLENE DRYARN®, 7% Elastan and 5% CARBON ENERGIZED fabric / Tight fitting for great comfort / Medium-weight

Available sizes: 
Man model

CARBON ENERGIZED® can help to attain a body temperature variation three times lower than garments made with different fibres, for example polyester, the most used fibre in sports garments. The high level of breathability provided by our fabric allows moisture to evaporate faster and keep your body dryer.

Heart Rate

CARBON ENERGIZED® can lower your heart rate as much as 4 beats/minute than wearing a normal 100% polyester garment. For example, in a 4 hour run session, you can obtain 1000 beats less.


CARBON ENERGIZED® during workout and daily use can improve the respiratory parameters and may decrease in some athletes the need for oxygen by an average value of three litres/minute.  

Anti bacterial

CARBON ENERGIZED® allows easier perspiration which is composed of 99% water and small amount of sugar and lipids. Carried on our clothes, all these substances produce a source of bacteria. All these metabolic activities cause the bacteria to produce some unpleasant odours, neutralised by CARBON ENERGIZED®.

C.E.F. Carbon Energized Fiber

The combination of Polypropylene Dryarn and Carbon Energized® fibre, provides constant and efficient transfer of high perspiration during physical activity, creating an optimal thermal K. The use of this product provides great thermal performance and unique functionality.

Dryarn Polypropilene

Too many times you choose a sport garment without the label of the compositions, without paying attention to the materials with which it is made . Yet the skin is our first defense against external agents (protects us from the outside temperature and regulates the temperature regulation of the body ) . It ' very important to know what to wear , how to read labels carefully because they know the performance of the various materials can help in a proper and informed choice . More breathable polyester , more insulating wool and lighter than any other fiber , Dryarn is the ideal ally for athletes who , during sports activities , subject the body to stress , sweating and frequent temperature changes

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