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" Those who want comfort , wants Prolen® . For sport , for the life of every day or just for a quiet rest, Prolen® ensures a new dimension of comfort and freedom of movement. Prolen® is the lightest fiber with a specific gravity less than that of water , 50 % less than that of cotton. the fabrics made ​​with Prolen® float perfettamente.Mantenere the ideal temperature in every circumstance is the key to comfort . Climbing the Himalayas , across the ocean on a sailboat or jogging in a park , the leaders in Prolen® have the character to maintain the ideal temperature on the skin . Prolen® has the lowest conductivity of all fibers and ensures a thermal comfort in all weather conditions thanks to its starordinario insulating power . "

DuPont Cordura

Products made with CORDURA® Classic fabrics feature enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, and long -lasting durability. CORDURA® Classic fabric is constructed with qualifying yarns which are woven in accordance with INVISTA's approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand.

Dryarn Polypropilene

Too many times you choose a sport garment without the label of the compositions, without paying attention to the materials with which it is made . Yet the skin is our first defense against external agents (protects us from the outside temperature and regulates the temperature regulation of the body ) . It ' very important to know what to wear , how to read labels carefully because they know the performance of the various materials can help in a proper and informed choice . More breathable polyester , more insulating wool and lighter than any other fiber , Dryarn is the ideal ally for athletes who , during sports activities , subject the body to stress , sweating and frequent temperature changes



The garment main feature compression The principle is very simple: The special fabric compresses the muscle fiber in a variable way of promoting the circulation of blood and thus tissue oxygenation . Basically it is like having your muscles constantly massaged ( with the proper proportions , of course) . Furthermore , the compression clothing has a considerable structural support function : improves the posture and makes it easier and less tiring .

Soft Shell

Soft shell is a fabric indicated particularly suitable for those activities that require freedom of movement . This fabric is made from 3 different layers that are able to create a unique combination of tissue.

Layering Redefined

A Exterior layer

Lo strato esterno è stato creato per proteggerti in casi critici, e tenerti protetto.Lo strato esterno può essere utilizzato direttamente sopra il base layer o la membrana antiacqua o l’imbottitura termica, dipende dalle condizioni atmosferiche.Lo strato esterno è resistente all’abrasione, costruito in Cordura Du Pont® ed equipaggiato con protezioni VISCOTEC® nelle aree critiche.

B WP Membrane

La Membrana WP traspirante usata in combinazione degli altri strati ti mantiene asciutto e caldo in caso di maltempo.Può essere utilizzata come giacca antiaqua separatamente dagli altri strati.

C Thermo innering

L’imbottitura termica 3M Thinsulate, ha il compito di scaldare il nostro corpo in caso di freddo. L’imbottitura, oltre ad essere accoppiabile allo strato in cordura, ha la possibilità di essere utilizzata separatamente come un giubettino casual.

Kevlar Insert


DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber allows people to Dare Bigger. It’s used to make a variety of clothing, accessories, and equipment safe and cut resistant.
It’s lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong. Yes, it’s best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor, as Kevlar® brand aramid fiber continues to evolve and allow heroes to be heroes.
But it’s also on the ski slopes, the switchback trails, in demanding desert terrain, even the outer limits of space.

Genuine leather

The leather has characteristics of resistance and especially very high level of hygiene which make it particularly suitable for the production of many products in common use and sportswear such as from Motorcycling Gloves. It is known, for example, that the leather footwear favoring transpiration and thus prevent the development of bacteria, mold and other pathologies of the skin and of the foot produced by the stagnation of humidity inside the shoe. Similarly to the gloves being even more in contact with the skin "with shoes we mostu use sock" the use of leather is very suitable for Riding gloves. It is said, in fact, that the skin "breathes" as it leaves from the cross of water vapor emanating from the human body.


CARBON ENERGIZED® can help to attain a body temperature variation three times lower than garments made with different fibres, for example polyester, the most used fibre in sports garments. The high level of breathability provided by our fabric allows moisture to evaporate faster and keep your body dryer.

Heart Rate

CARBON ENERGIZED® can lower your heart rate as much as 4 beats/minute than wearing a normal 100% polyester garment. For example, in a 4 hour run session, you can obtain 1000 beats less.


CARBON ENERGIZED® during workout and daily use can improve the respiratory parameters and may decrease in some athletes the need for oxygen by an average value of three litres/minute.  

Anti bacterial

CARBON ENERGIZED® allows easier perspiration which is composed of 99% water and small amount of sugar and lipids. Carried on our clothes, all these substances produce a source of bacteria. All these metabolic activities cause the bacteria to produce some unpleasant odours, neutralised by CARBON ENERGIZED®.

C.E.F. Carbon Energized Fiber

The combination of Polypropylene Dryarn and Carbon Energized® fibre, provides constant and efficient transfer of high perspiration during physical activity, creating an optimal thermal K. The use of this product provides great thermal performance and unique functionality.


CARBON ENERGIZED® assorbe e disperde la carica negativa antistatica del corpo attraverso la fibra.

Thermolite material by 3M

INVISTA's THERMOLITE® fiber and insulation provides warmth and comfort without weight. Because it is comfortable and lightweight, THERMOLITE® fiber and insulation allows freedom of movement—making it the perfect layer. Its hollow-core fibers trap in air for greater insulation for light, yet heavy-duty performance.

3M Thinsulate

3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation (Type C) is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin.
It helps trap body heat, while allowing moisture to escape.

ACT D3 polyester

The main characteristics of the polyester are in addition to excellent toughness and resilience , high abrasion resistance , to the folds and to heat, a high modulus of elasticity and a minimum of moisture recovery as well as a good resistance to chemical and physical agents .

ACT D6 polyester

The main characteristics of the polyester are in addition to excellent toughness and resilience , high abrasion resistance , to the folds and to heat, a high modulus of elasticity and a minimum of moisture recovery as well as a good resistance to chemical and physical agents .

AKL breathable membrane

The clothing designed with AKL® technology guarantees a high level of protection from atmospheric agents such as rain and wind while offering the utmost comfort thanks to its transpiration property. Via an osmosis process, the membrane manages to expel the excess dampness that is produced during activities, and consequently curbs the annoying effect of internal heating. The AKL® membrane protects the user from wind, cold and rain and keeps the body in a comfortable internal microclimate.

Wind and water proof membrane

The Wind and Water membrane provide maximum waterproofness to the product in it's evey use

Wind proof membrane

Membrane that block all the wind and keep you confortable.

Omologated protection according to CE normative

All of our product are equiped with protectors CE approved, level 1. These guarantee a "reduction at the passage" of negative energy in case of crash that can pass threw the protector.

3M reflective material insert

The REFLEX 3 M® are revolutionaries Textyles dedicated to all types of sport where you need to increase the visibility and provide safety to the users. With these fabrics in fact we can have a greater VISIBILITY 'in critical light conditions.

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